Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor Maine Weather Links

They say in Maine, “if you don’t like the weather, stay another day.” Our summer temperatures range from highs of 82F to lows of 60F, spring and fall temperatures range from 70F to 40F. Bring along a jacket for those cool Maine evenings, and a hat and sunglasses for days out and about. If you are heading out on the water, be prepared to encounter strong sun, cool ocean air, and legendary fog, likely all in the same day.

Average Temp High Low
January 34 14
February 36 16
March 45 24
April 56 35
May 66 46
June 76 53
July 82 60
August 81 59
September 72 55
October 65 46
November 52 34
December 38 20
Temperature is in degrees Fahrenheit